LEAD UNIT NYC INC. is a General Contractor, Lead Paint Services and Flooring Company. Our contractors will help navigate you through your tenant improvement, or renovation construction project no matter where you are at along the process.  We have the people and expertise that will ensure a successful outcome!

A certified lead abatement contractor is a company that can treat or remove lead-based paint and lead based paint hazards in order to make the property lead-safe for young children and other occupants.

Mold is one of the most devastating and costly after effects of high humidity, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, rain activity and many other water intrusion events that can happen in a building. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor air quality is now one of the top five environmental threats in the United States. At Lead Unit NYC Inc., we handle all phases of indoor air quality for homeowners, property owners, property managers, facilities managers, government municipalities, builders and contractors. We are here to help protect your health, your property and your bottom line. Lead Unit NYC Inc. are in accordance with Center for Disease Control – CDC, New York City Department of Environmental Protection – NYCDEP, United States of Environmental Protection Agency –US-EPA Guidelines for Residential, School and Commercial Buildings.

Certain types of molds will produce poisonous toxins known in mold terminology as mycotoxins. Specific tolerance to mycotoxins varies from person to person. Not all molds produce mycotoxins all the time, and attempting to remove mold by spraying a mildewcide or fungicide will not remove or inactivate the mycotoxins that have already been produced. An adverse reaction can still occur from dead mold or mold spores. In fact, mold spores do not have to be alive to be dangerous to humans and animals. Dead and dormant mold can be just as toxic.

Lead Unit NYC INC.
can help you choose from luxurious colors and patterns or the handcrafted beauty of exotic and domestic hardwoods. We can also help you pick from our diverse styles and designs of intricate patterned tile or our durable laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, natural stone and luxury vinyl tile. Located in New York, Lead Unit NYC Inc. provides so many choices for every room in your home that lets you express your personal style. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best products and service for their lifestyle, design preference, and budget. Diversity in the products and services we offer combined with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of Lead Unit NYC Inc. growth and success for many years.


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